Who We Are

Name: Dan Boyer
Social Media Handle: @WildKingdumb
Duck Affiliation: OG Graphic Designer for the Pit Crew and all-around Duck artist
Currently Living: Seattle, WA
General fan reaction: Positive with a hint of pacing and fowl language.

Name: Swoosh McDuck
Social Media Handle: @SwooshMcDuck
Duck Affiliation: Fan. Season Ticket Holder. Swooshbag.
Currently Living: Portland, OR
General fan reaction: Posimistic. Team Puddles 4 Life. Crying Jordan Specialist.

Name: BigShaun

Social Media Handle: @BigShaun
Duck Affiliation: Long time fan (Pre-Wheaton Scoring). Attended during the golden age of Joey, Freddie, and the Luuuuuuuuukes
Currently living: Gentrifiedlandia, OR
General fan reaction:  First and foremost, #TeamPuddles for Life. I bleed traditional team colors of Black, White, Carbon Fiber, Volt, and Glittery. I call things like I see them, which I’ve heard can be controversial. I think that’s stupid.

Name: Sami

Social Media Handle:  @UODUCKGIRL
Duck Affiliation: UO GRAD ‘97. DUCK FOOTBALL FAN SINCE ’93.
Currently Living: Not in Oregon which is where I left my heart.
General fan reaction: ¾ cups positive, ¼ cups over-emotional with a dash of cursing and always a pinch of hope.  “I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a TV, asking The Duck to love her”

Name: Jonathan Adams

Social Media Handle: @JonathanAdams
Duck Affiliation: Season ticket holder, Eugene resident, Oregon road game attendee (been to every P12 stadium), lover of UO history.
Currently Living: Eugene, OR
General fan reaction: Don’t let the outcome of the game determine whether you had a good time at the game.

Name: Duck Troll
Social Media Handle: @GoDucksTroll
Duck Affiliation: Once a Duck always a Duck.
Currently Living: Regularly talks about how Michael Dyer was down.

Name: No Natty

Social Media Handle: @NoNattyForYou
Duck Affiliation: Native Oregonian. Glutton for sports fandom pain.
Currently Living: Salem
General fan reaction: who cares? We’re a volleyball school anyways.