Who We Are

Name: Dan Boyer

Social Media Handle: @WildKingdumb
Duck Affiliation: OG Graphic Designer for the Pit Crew and all-around Duck artist
Currently Living: Seattle, WA
General fan reaction: Positive with a hint of pacing and fowl language.

Name: Swoosh McDuck
Social Media Handle: @SwooshMcDuck
Duck Affiliation: Fan. Season Ticket Holder. Swooshbag.
Currently Living: Portland, OR
General fan reaction: Posimistic. Team Puddles 4 Life. Crying Jordan Specialist. 

Name: BigShaun

Social Media Handle: @BigShaun
Duck Affiliation: Long time fan (Pre-Wheaton Scoring). Attended during the golden age of Joey, Freddie, and the Luuuuuuuuukes
Currently living: Gentrifiedlandia, OR
General fan reaction:  First and foremost, #TeamPuddles for Life. I bleed traditional team colors of Black, White, Carbon Fiber, Volt, and Glittery. I call things like I see them, which I’ve heard can be controversial. I think that’s stupid. 

Name: Alex Horwitch

Social Media Handle: @AlexHorwitch
Duck Affiliation: Former Pit Crew President, fan in enemy territory
Currently Living: Los Angeles, CA
General fan reaction: Optimistic, but realist.

Name: Sami

Social Media Handle:  @UODUCKGIRL
Duck Affiliation: UO GRAD ‘97. DUCK FOOTBALL FAN SINCE ’93.  
Currently Living: Not in Oregon which is where I left my heart.
General fan reaction: ¾ cups positive, ¼ cups over-emotional with a dash of cursing and always a pinch of hope.  “I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a TV, asking The Duck to love her”

Name: Daniel Goodkin-Gold 

Social Media Handle: @DMDoubleG
Duck Affiliation: Former Pit Crew Vice President, Class of ’15
Location: Eugene, OR
General fan reaction: Diehard realist. I’m a wreck during games, but as soon as the clock hits double zeroes I can be objective.

Name: Jonathan Adams

Social Media Handle: @JonathanAdams
Duck Affiliation: Season ticket holder, Eugene resident, Oregon road game attendee (been to every P12 stadium), lover of UO history.
Currently Living: Eugene, OR
General fan reaction: Don’t let the outcome of the game determine whether you had a good time at the game.

Name: Paul Land

Social Media Handle: @MrBenzduck
Duck Affiliation: Eugene native, Oregon alum, proprietor of and torch bearer for Oregon’s prehistoric teams, aka 1894-1994, at http://www.oregonfootballhistory.com
Currently Living: Salem, OR
General fan reaction: In 1976 our leading rusher for the season was Kim Nutting with 357 yards. Dan Fouts threw more INTS in one season than Mariota did in his career. In my own lifetime, Oregon played at most three games in Eugene a season, and the only *conference* teams to play here were Wazzu and OSU. You’re going to gripe about whether a place kicker deserves to have his scholarship pulled after a miss?

Name: Duck Troll
Social Media Handle: @GoDucksTroll
Duck Affiliation: Once a Duck always a Duck.
Currently Living: Regularly talks about how Michael Dyer was down.

Name: Josh Damis
Social Media Handle: @jdamis
Duck Affiliation: Class of ’09
Currently Living: Techically in the Portland metropolitan area
General fan reaction: I arrived on campus shortly after Chip Kelly, so borderline spoiled, but fair.